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Therapy Services

At M & M Home Care, we customize a rehabilitation program around the individual needs of each patient and provide evaluations, treatment, and education for individuals with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs), Spinal Cord Injuries (SCIs), as well as patients with cognitive challenges or orthopedic injuries.

M & M Home Care’s experienced team of therapists offers the necessary assistance to their patients to maintain a safe and independent lifestyle. We realize that everyone’s requirements are different and constantly evolving, therefore our services are tailored to meet the needs and interests of our individual patients.

Our in-home therapy services are designed to improve both the patients’ and their families’ capacity to be successful in every aspect of their lives.
M & M Home Care’s therapy services include, but are not limited to the following*:

Occupational therapy is a rehabilitative service for people with mental, physical, developmental, or emotional impairments that restores or maintains their ability to perform tasks used in daily living, often through developing ways to modify or adapt activities.

Occupational therapy is supported by evidenced-based practice and uses client-centered and task-oriented approaches to assist clients in compensatory and remedial strategies. Occupational therapy focuses on increasing the skills necessary for independent living, community reintegration, and vocational tasks such as participating in school courses and obtaining viable employment in the community.

Our Occupational Therapist works with individuals to optimize the fit between the patient and their environment Occupational Therapy Services can include, but are NOT limited to:

  • One time attendant care assessments
  • Home evaluations
  • Coordinate home modifications
  • DME Assessment
  • Job site analysis & ergonomics
  • Return-to-work assessments
  • Adaptive equipment/assistive technology assessment
  • Risk assessment & modifications for fall prevention
  • Comprehensive medical assessments
  • Residential care needs evaluations

M & M Home Care offers in-home consultation, assessment and treatment for individuals and families through Mental Health intervention and treatment.

In the practice of cognitive and emotional health, there is no “one size fits all” approach that works for all clients. The therapist will explore clients’ interests, passions, past skills and personal life experiences to create a foundation for their treatment plan that is meaningful, engaging and personal. Each client will have an individualized treatment plan in an effort to improve memory, reasoning and emotional well-being.

By helping people understand their illness the therapist will provide strategies and tools to help clients cope with stress, anger, despair and unhealthy thoughts and behaviors.
Mental Health Therapists often work as part of a Health Care Team; the team could include Physicians, Nurses, Social Workers, and other assigned Therapies.

Therapeutic Massage Therapy offers a natural treatment approach for patients with a variety of conditions and injuries. Each massage therapy plan is tailored to meet the patient’s unique pain, condition or injury. The benefits of massage therapy may include increased blood circulation, localized reduction in swelling and the relaxation of muscle tissue while also aiding in a patients recovery.

Therapeutic Massage can provide increased mental and physical relaxation, improved circulation, pain relief, accelerated healing from injury and illness, and improvement in sleep quality.

Our Certified Massage Therapists can provide symptomatic relief of post-traumatic injuries as well as many common conditions that occur with age such as Arthritis, Diabetes, Chronic Conditions, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s Disease, Cancer, Stroke and Alzheimer’s Disease. Therapeutic Massage can extend the vitality and quality of a patient’s life.

What’s more, as the physical, mental and emotional benefits of therapeutic massage become more widely known, medical professionals, eldercare professionals, patients and family caregivers are recognizing it as an important complementary therapy to other treatment plans.

For massage therapy to be covered under Michigan Auto No-Fault, it must be:

  • related to a motor vehicle accident
  • “reasonably necessary” to the auto accident victim’s “care, recovery or rehabilitation.” (MCL 500.3107(1)(a))
  • the charges were “reasonable.” (MCL 500.3107(1)(a)) and the massage therapy services were “lawfully render[ed]” (MCL 500.3157)

Speech-language therapy involves corrective treatment of physical and/or cognitive disorders that cause difficulty with communication and/or swallowing. Our Speech-Language Pathologists help patients develop their language and speech skills to regain control and increase their communication. They also teach patients and family members safe and appropriate swallowing techniques.

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